Consequences of global warming – what will climate change turn into?

Consequences of global warming – what will climate change turn into?
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Few of today’s people think seriously about the possible consequences of global warming.

This is how a person was created that lives mainly for today, thinking about himself, about his children, but we don’t want to talk about what will happen to humanity in hundreds, thousands, even just ten years think about it, such thinking is incomprehensible to many, just like planning your own future.

No matter how scientists scare, do not call to take care of the planet, before it is too late, people do not react, mistakenly believing that the maximum that such weather changes will lead to is the melting of glaciers.

Let’s consider what consequences of global warming can be.

Impacts of global climate change on fisheries

Weather changes are reflected in sea water. Scientists say that by the end of the 21st century the temperature of the oceans will increase by 3.7-5 degrees.

Deforestation as an environmental problem: consequences and solutions
Deforestation as an environmental problem: consequences and solutions

To an uninitiated person, it seems that such minimal differences will not bring much harm, there is no point in paying attention to it at all. However, this factor will lead to a change in fish habitats, including shifting the regions where commercial species are located.

It is clear that no one is interested in the migration of fish from the waters belonging to a certain country to the waters of another, because this will significantly affect not only fisheries, but also the state of the economy as a whole.

Consequences of global warming
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We must not forget that some species may even cease to exist, having lost their usual food or having received stress due to temperature fluctuations. Of course, some will say, but we will have access to fish that was previously purchased at an exorbitant price, for example, lobsters, etc., but such benefits are imaginary and will not bring benefits to a person.

Impacts of global warming on the Great Barrier Reef

Climate change has a huge impact on the unique ecosystem of the Great Barrier Reef. The unique formation, which was created by the painstaking work of living organisms, is dying. In just 30 years, the Reef has lost more than half of its amazing corals.

A lot of money is spent on protecting the natural wonder of the world. In 2015, the Australian government decided to allocate more than $2 billion for the conservation of the natural complex. So wouldn’t it be easier just to take care of nature, so as not to spend such amounts later, especially since the latest research by scientists has proven that there will be no sense in such investments?

Ozone depletion: causes and consequences of destruction
Ozone depletion: causes and consequences of destruction

Polyps are dying, despite all the measures taken to preserve them, so everyone who is concerned about the problem should take care of the preservation of the ecosystem so that years later the Reef can be reborn as a world after the Ice Age. Perhaps its composition will be completely different and the structure may be different, but if the microorganisms can adapt to the prevailing conditions, the miracle of nature will continue to delight people.

The impact of global warming on cities

Now to more tangible consequences. If the inevitable death of the Great Barrier Reef and the possible migration of fish in the oceans worry only a certain part of the world’s population, then the increase in temperature, and quite a significant one, will soon be felt by each of us.

Consequences of global warming
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Scientists predict an increase of at least 8-10 degrees in air temperature in big cities. Life will become more difficult, the problem of many chronic diseases will worsen, and this will primarily affect those suffering from cardiovascular diseases.

To avoid such consequences, it is necessary to plant more trees, use sidewalk cooling systems, change the texture and colors of the roofs of buildings.

Consequences of global warming for the earth’s surface

Scientists have been monitoring the melting of glaciers for a long time, and one of the latest studies has yielded unexpected results.

It turned out that due to the movement of masses inside the glacier, caused by either an increase or a decrease in temperature, the earth’s surface under it was worn out.

Greenhouse effect: causes, consequences, impact on climate and ways to solve the problem
Greenhouse effect: causes, consequences, impact on climate and ways to solve the problem

Observations were carried out over the Rinca glacier and the deflection of the earth’s crust was recorded by many special devices.

To date, this is the only change noticed by experts, but if the processes of global warming are not stopped, then such deflections will begin to appear throughout the earth’s surface, and the consequences of such changes are not predictable.