Clubhouse – a new generation social network

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Clubhouse – a new generation social network
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What is ClubHouse? Social network ClubHouse, in which, unlike competitors, users can only listen or speak, is becoming increasingly popular.

Let’s consider why such a format arouses genuine interest of users, what this social network is in general and what underlies its work, and also find out how you can get into this new “elitist” space.

Why does everyone want to get into ClubHouse

The main reason can be called the fact that the entrance to this social network is possible only by invitation. Thus, many simply want to feel “chosen” and are ready to make every possible effort to get into ClubHouse. Currently, this “elite” social network is in seventh place in the AppStore, while the Internet is full of messages asking you to send an invitation to ClubHouse.

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According to the authoritative publication AdWeek, if in December 2020 the number of users of the social network was 0.6 million, then in early February it had already reached 2.4 million people. The cost of the startup is one billion dollars, and invites (invitations) are already actively sold on eBay.

How to register in a clubhouse

For iPhone, the application is available in the App Store. Then go through the necessary registration procedure.

ClubHouse App Store

Given the fact that ClubHouse is as personalized as possible, you should indicate the most interesting topics for communication at the time of registration.

The profile consists of the main photo and the date of registration, a link to the profile of the inviter to the “elite” social network, a description of the profile, as well as clubs in which the user wished to be a member.

Immediately after completing the registration procedure, the user will be able to see the rooms in which friends act as speakers or are listeners, as well as clubs, the formation of which is based on the specified interests.

Invite to clubhouse – Clubhouse invite

How to get an invite to ClubHouse? At the moment, the project is at the testing stage, and therefore not everyone will be able to create a room, but it is already possible to act as a speaker and listener. The main condition is the presence of a mobile device running iOS.

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How to get an invitation to Clubhouse? There are two options for getting into the “elite” social network.

  • The first is to get an invitation from someone who is already a part of ClubHouse, which is much easier to do if you have acquaintances or relatives in the United States, since that is where most of the audience lives. However, there is a rather significant limitation associated with the fact that one user can only send two invitations, although after some time ClubHouse can provide several more invitations.
  • The second option is to register in the app and wait patiently to be let in, however ClubHouse adds new users without any time limits. The main question remains whether it is worth registering at all and wasting time waiting. In this case, earlier registration is a kind of guarantee that the username will not be taken before you can get into ClubHouse.

How to get into the clubhouse for those who have friends on social networks

In the event that friends have already used their invitations, but the phone number of the user who wants to become part of the “elite” social network is on their smartphone, then you can register in the service and indicate the most interesting topics. After some time, a friend will receive a message stating that the user has registered with ClubHouse, and as a result, he will receive an offer to “let” his friend inside.

How to use ClubHouse

The main difference between the functionality of the “elite” social network is that communication is carried out exclusively by voice, and therefore users will not see the usual fields for writing messages, as well as comments.

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In the event that such a format really arouses interest among users, then you can gradually begin to prepare for a radical revolution in the world of SMM. Already now in ClubHouse you can listen to many famous people, for example, Elon Musk.

Although the rules of the social network prohibit recording videos, the performance has already appeared on YouTube. However, in this case, it was simply impossible to comply with the rules, since the rooms, at least for the moment, are designed for five thousand people, while the announcement on Twitter caused a real stir among 46 million subscribers.

Interesting: Elon Musk sent an invitation to ClubHouse to Vladimir Putin’s official account.

Rooms in ClubHouse

In this case, a room means a kind of chat that can be created by one or several users together. Rooms can be both public and private. The basic principle of operation of a room belonging to the public category is that the user creates a new space and designates a topic, after which notifications are sent to subscribers.


In the event that a room is created by several users at the same time, they become speakers and take part in the discussion of the stated topic.

By notifications, you can quickly connect to the conversation and take part in the conversation, or simply act as a listener. Any listener can send an application for participation in the conversation, which must be approved by the moderator, that is, one of the creators of the room. In the event that there are subscribers of the listener among the organizers, and the room itself is small enough, the application will automatically make the user a speaker.

Cookies are mysterious files that few people know about
Cookies are mysterious files that few people know about

Given the fact that ClubHouse is the most personalized social network, during registration it is necessary to indicate the most interesting topics, which can then be edited.

It is worth noting an important fact that the number of participants in a conversation can grow quite quickly, so after the user has created a conversation, his subscribers connect to it, and then subscribers of subscribers join them. Naturally, the total number of those who want to join the conversation depends on the level of fame of the speaker in the room. In addition, there is currently a limit on the number of room participants, and therefore the number of participants at the same time cannot exceed five thousand people.

How to enter and exit a public room

Rooms in ClubHouse are created exclusively for the duration of the conversation, and after all participants leave them, the rooms are automatically closed. You can enter the public room at any time while the conversation is in progress, as well as leave, and notifications that someone has left the room are not sent.

Most Popular Rooms

It is noted that every minute tens, and maybe hundreds of thousands of rooms are created in ClubHouse, and the social network itself decides which conversations may be of maximum interest to the user.

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Domain Driven Design – DDD Programming

At the moment, the largest Russian-speaking community in ClubHouse is The Dacha, whose members play What? Where? When?” and discuss innovative technologies.

How the clubhouse works – Key Features

The main difference of the service is that all conversations take place exclusively in real time, and screen recording will not work, as well as pause or rewind. In ClubHouse, you can remain a listener if for some reason you do not want to take part in the conversation directly.

There is personalization by interests, as well as notifications about ongoing or scheduled conversations. Of particular note is the fact that really famous personalities can enter the room, with whom it is unlikely to be able to talk in real life. In this sense, ClubHouse can be compared to a roulette that has a voice character.

Celebrities in the new social network

The vast majority of users are related to the field of IT and digital. Among the famous personalities that you can not only listen to, but also communicate within the social network, we can mention Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg, Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, and Adam Mosseri, who heads Instagram. If we move a little away from the IT sphere, then in ClubHouse you can meet Oprah Winfrey and Paris Hilton, as well as Gwyneth Paltrow and Ashton Kutcher.


As for Russia directly, ClubHouse is represented by such famous people as Mikhail Galustyan, Nastya Ivleeva, Lika Kremer, Ilya Varlamov, as well as many heads of leading IT companies.

How to buy Clubhouse shares

At present, there are no applications in the open sale of shares, since the companies have not entered the IPO. Perhaps soon the shares will appear on the exchange, in order not to miss the start of sales and buy shares, you need to track the news and monitor stock exchanges.

Interesting fact: After the speech of the entrepreneur, creator of Tesla, Elon Musk, on the clubhouse social network, Clubhouse Media Group shares increased by more than one hundred percent! But the bottom line is that this company has nothing to do with the Clubhouse social network and is developing “content production houses,” writes the FT. Investors mistakenly bought shares in the wrong company.

Competitors of the new social network

The emergence of ClubHouse was of particular concern to VKontakte, which recently launched its own VK Clubs, which are now at risk as more and more users move to ClubHouse.

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Facebook, according to The New York Times, has taken care of creating Fireside audio chat, similar to ClubHouse. As for Twitter, this social network has already launched within its own platform a complete analogue of the “elite” social network, which is already available for Russian-speaking users.


It is not yet possible to say with complete certainty that ClubHouse will become a kind of new TikTok, but it is clear that, at least for the moment, the interest in the “elitist” social network is truly enormous.