Kiwi is a valuable juicy green fruit

Kiwi is a valuable juicy green fruit
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Alena Grace
Victoria Mamaeva
Pharmaceutical Specialist

Everyone’s favorite kiwi fruit comes from China. Later, it was introduced to New Zealand, and now this country is mistakenly considered the birthplace of this fruit.

Decades ago, kiwi was very different in taste from those delicious and juicy fruits that we know and love now – then they were quite hard and completely inedible. For a long time they were called “Chinese gooseberries”.

Now people know kiwi as a sweet and sour juicy fruit that so many people like. Kiwi fruits are greenish-brown in color and have a shaggy skin. The bright green pulp, in which black seeds are visible, has a rather pleasant and unique taste, reminiscent of several fruits at the same time: pineapple, melon, watermelon and strawberries. But kiwi fruits are famous not only for their wonderful taste. They are of great benefit to man.

Useful properties of kiwi

First of all, this fruit has a positive effect on the entire digestive system. Kiwi facilitates the process of digestion of heavy protein, as well as fatty foods. To do this, you need to eat the fruit as a dessert after eating a hard-to-digest meal. Scientists claim that daily consumption of 3-4 kiwi fruits will significantly reduce the content of fatty acids in human blood (by about 15%).

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Kiwi is a real champion in the content of various vitamins and microelements. Especially a lot of vitamin C in it, 2 times more than in citrus fruits (100 grams of kiwi contains its daily rate). Thanks to this, the fruit is an indispensable assistant in the fight against colds, viruses and infections, strengthens the immune system.

In addition, it contains vitamins of group B, vitamin PP, vitamin A. Kiwi contains a lot of rare vitamin B9 – folic acid. Only broccoli has such a high content of this vitamin. Therefore, those who for some reason do not eat broccoli should definitely include kiwi in their diet. This fruit is also rich in vitamin B6, without which the healthy functioning of any organism, both young and old, is impossible. The presence of this vitamin in the body of pregnant women and nursing mothers is especially important.

Carbohydrates are an important element of our diet
Carbohydrates are an important element of our diet

One fruit contains the daily requirement of potassium. A high content of potassium improves heart function, reduces the risk of blood clots. Potassium also helps regulate water balance in the body. Kiwi will energize, relieve fatigue and normalize high blood pressure.

The content of magnesium in 100 grams of this product is also high, it is half of the daily requirement. Magnesium is very important for the body. Its deficiency leads to rapid aging. Therefore, eating kiwi will help you stay young longer. Calcium in kiwi strengthens bones, nails and teeth.

Kiwi fruits are considered a dietary product, and it is no coincidence. The low calorie content of this product (61 kcal per 100 grams) allows you to safely use it for those who are on a diet or just watch their diet. Kiwi contains a large amount of vegetable fiber, which plays an indispensable role in losing weight.

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This fruit contains enzymes that break down fats, speed up metabolism and increase the production of collagen, which helps the skin stay supple after losing extra pounds. Those who want to lose weight can eat one or two fruits before each meal.

Many people believe that the peel of this fruit is inedible. In fact, it even needs to be eaten. The kiwi peel contains a lot of antioxidants, even more than the pulp itself. It has a good antiseptic effect, which helps prevent the reproduction of harmful microorganisms in the gastrointestinal tract.

Vegetables – everything is useful that got into your mouth
Vegetables – everything is useful that got into your mouth

To eat a kiwi whole without peeling, it must be thoroughly washed. But not everyone can eat fruit with a peel. For those who have very sensitive mucous membranes in their mouths, it is better to peel this fruit.

Nutritionist Alena Grace explains:

Kiwi is a storehouse of vitamins, it contains vitamins such as A, vitamins of group B, PP, and one small kiwi can provide the need for a daily dose of vitamin C. In addition, the berries are rich in vitamin K1, which is necessary to improve blood clotting and protein synthesis

Kiwi is also rich in minerals – iron, zinc, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium and phosphorus.

We can safely say that kiwi increases the body’s resistance to stress, strengthens the immune system and helps treat colds, relieves heaviness in the stomach and shortness of breath.

Kiwi helps in the fight against excess weight. The fact is that its peel contains a large amount of antioxidants that effectively burn calories. Therefore, losing weight people are advised to use kiwi with a peel, after having cleaned it of the villi.

Picture: Engdao Wichitpunya | Dreamstime

Ascorbic acid contained in the berry increases the body’s fat burning ability and helps the production of enzymes.

Despite all the usefulness, kiwi should be used with caution by people prone to allergies, with gastrointestinal problems and kidney disease. Also, the berry should not be consumed by people with high acidity. Healthy people need 2-3 pieces a day.


We must also not forget that this fruit has its own contraindications. It is not recommended to give these fruits to children under five years of age. You should be careful and those who have diseases of the stomach and duodenum, especially in the acute stage.

Cocoa – a healthy and tasty miracle of nature
Cocoa – a healthy and tasty miracle of nature

In order for kiwi to bring pleasure and benefit, it is important to know how to choose the right fruit when buying. You need to pay attention to the fact that the fruit does not have any dents and is not dry. Too hard kiwi also should not be. The color of a good fruit is even, without any spots. When buying, you can lightly press on the fruit – a ripe fruit should be slightly pressed through.

It is easy to store kiwifruit. Usually, fruits packed in bags with holes are placed in the refrigerator. Kiwi is perfectly preserved and can lie for a whole month.

Kiwi is a very valuable fruit. To avoid health problems, you should include it in your diet. And then the result of its use will soon please!

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