Green tea – a drink that prolongs life

Green tea – a drink that prolongs life
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Victoria Mamaeva
Pharmaceutical Specialist

Green tea consists of almost 30% tannins. Tannin in green tea is several times more than in black tea. The content of essential oils is minimal, although it is thanks to these oils that tea has a unique aroma.

The caffeine in tea combined with tannin is not as stimulating as the caffeine in a coffee drink. The amino acids contained in green tea are important for the body’s metabolism.

About 20% of tea is protein. The content of mineral substances does not exceed 7%. Of particular value is the presence of vitamins in tea, especially vitamin C. There is several times more ascorbic acid in green tea than in black tea. Tea is rich in B vitamins and carotene (provitamin A).

Benefits of green tea

In the homeland of tea, in China and Japan, it has long been known that green tea prolongs life. In these countries, tea is used not only as a pleasant and invigorating drink, but also as a healing agent. Even in ancient times, green tea was used to treat headaches. With a headache, it is enough to drink a cup of green tea and the pain will subside.

Green tea
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Green tea also has a positive effect on the nervous system. Tea acts as a stress reliever. Tea is a soothing drink, only for this purpose it must be brewed loosely.

With the help of tea, you can reduce the negative effects of radiation on humans. Thanks to tannin, some groups of radioactive elements are excreted from the body. Tea protects us from harmful radiation from computer screens and televisions.

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Green tea can help with high blood pressure. Flavored drink normalizes blood sugar levels. It is a cholesterol lowering agent. In recent years, scientists have studied the positive effects of green tea on overweight people. With this drink, you can lose about 80 calories per day.

The drink is also useful for putrefactive processes in the intestines. Tea helps remove bacteria and their poisons from the body. Tea is recommended to drink after a heavy feast, as it improves the functioning of the digestive system. Green tea is indispensable for various poisonings.

Green tea in folk medicine

Cosmetic masks using tea are well known. Green tea is found in soaps, hair shampoos, face creams. It is useful to take a tea bath once a week. This procedure not only cleanses and strengthens the skin, but also improves tone.

Green tea
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For a bath, take 6 tablespoons of dry green tea, pour 0.5 liters of boiling water, insist. Then filter and pour this infusion into the bath.

Is this drink harmful?

With undoubted positive qualities, green tea is not always useful. Excessive consumption of tea, especially strong tea, can cause heart palpitations, overexcitation of the nervous system, and insomnia. The result is chronic fatigue. An overdose of tea caffeine can be addictive.

People suffering from gastritis and stomach ulcers should limit tea intake. In these cases, it can lead to heartburn and exacerbation of the condition. A strong drink is not recommended for hypertensive crisis, during an exacerbation of kidney diseases, and for insomnia. Do not give strong drink to small children. The child can drink weakly brewed tea with milk in the morning or afternoon.

Energy drink – charge your battery
Energy drink – charge your battery

Before taking tea, you need to eat at least a little. Too much drink can cause a state similar to intoxication. Certain substances found in green tea can be harmful to the liver. Do not replace plain drinking water with green tea. Drinking iced green tea is becoming trendy these days. It must be remembered that a large amount of tea with a lack of water can lead to poisoning.

It is important to know that drinking more than 4 cups of tea per day is unacceptable. With all the benefits of green tea, there are situations when this divine drink can turn out to be poison.

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