Netflix is an American entertainment company

Netflix is an American entertainment company
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Netflix, an American entertainment company that delivers films and series based on streaming media, was founded by Mark Randolph and Reed Hastings in August 1997, and since 2003 has launched its own production.

A company that started out selling DVDs by mail became the world market leader in streaming services. As of January 2021, Netflix surpassed the 200 million subscriber mark while spending $11.8 billion on content creation in 2020, with the company’s own films and series competing with the world’s biggest film studios.

The best Netflix series

The top five series of the service, which received the highest rating from viewers, included the Black Mirror project, which tells about the negative consequences of striving for perfection, as well as the intellectual series House of Cards, which allows viewers not only to observe the plot, but also try to guess those moments which are hidden.

Discord – original cool messenger
Discord – original cool messenger

Fans of westerns will not be indifferent to the TV series “Godforgotten”, and the TV series “13 Reasons Why” will make you think about life, thanks to which you can try to look at life from a variety of angles. Those who prefer biographical series can pay attention to the project about Pablo Escabar, based on real events.

Netflix anime

In the vastness of the service, you can find a lot of animated products, and a variety of genres and directions, ranging from surreal serials to major blockbusters.

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If we turn to recent history, then a few years ago, the phrase “Netflix anime” itself raised a number of existential questions and comparisons with anime adaptations, which often failed, while now users of the service do not even notice that in every season there are several new titles commissioned by Netflix.

The sinking of Japan anime, which was released in 1973, is a kind of cultural artifact, but in the case of the Netflix version, the story is transferred to the present day, and the tragic earthquake occurs after the Tokyo Olympics ended.

TOP movies

Despite the fact that Netflix is ​​primarily famous for its series, the streaming service also releases quite good full-length films. The leader in the number of views is the psychological thriller “Birdbox”, with Sandra Bullock in the title role.

Twitch – gaming streaming platform
Twitch – gaming streaming platform

The film, in which a single mother with two children is trying to get to safety by the river, blindfolded with thin bandages, is notable for the absence of any special effects. Viewers are also popular with the rather light crime-detective comedy Shaft, which includes elements of an action movie, as well as the film El Camino: Breaking Bad, which is a continuation of the cult film about chemistry teacher Walter White involved in the drug business.

Fans of crazy romance, bordering on madness and filled with shooting and filled with car racing, will appreciate the film Chasing Bonnie and Clyde, starring Woody Harrelson and Kevin Costner. The winner of three Oscars, as well as the Golden Lion of the Venice Film Festival and two Golden Globes, is the film Roma, which tells about the mass execution of student demonstrators in 1971. You can continue indefinitely.


A subscription allows you to watch movies and series without ads. In 2020, in the first three months alone, the number of paid subscribers grew by 16 million people, the main reason for which was the coronavirus pandemic, as a result of which many were simply forced to stay at home and invent new activities for themselves.

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There are three tariff plans to choose from, namely basic, standard and premium, the main difference between which is the quality of the video stream.

With regard to Russia, the minimum subscription price is 599 rubles per month, while the standard package, which provides for broadcasting in HD format, will cost 799 rubles. Those who are going to watch videos in Ultra HD resolution will have to pay 999 rubles. New users can count on a month of trial viewing. Payment for a subscription to the service is made monthly, and you can switch to another tariff plan at any time, as well as completely cancel the subscription.

How to unsubscribe from Netflix

In the event that at one point the idea arose to refuse the services of a streaming service, simply go to the official Netflix website and, having entered your personal account, click on the drop-down list in the upper right corner of the page, and selecting the account section, click on the membership subsection billing and select the icon that says Cancel Membership.

TikTok – show your talents to the world
TikTok – show your talents to the world

Clicking the Finish Cancellation button will become final, however, you can use the subscription immediately until the end of the previously paid period.

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