Nanotechnology – so invisible yet important

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Nanotechnology – so invisible yet important
Picture: Alexey Novikov | Dreamstime
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Nanotechnology is a science that deals with the creation of nanostructures, that is, structures at the level of individual atoms and molecules, in order to control many structures at the molecular level.

This gives you the opportunity to get to know them better and correct their work. It also increases their functionality and usability.

Nanotechnology as a field of science originated in the middle of the twentieth century, that is, in the 1950s. Then it developed in the 80s and 90s. Nanotubes, fullerenes and quantum wires were invented. Today, nanotechnology is widely used in many areas of life.

Examples of inventions

Nanotechnology inventions are very useful and are used in many fields. Mentioned above: nanotubes, fullerenes, quantum wires and dots have revolutionized many industries. Nanotubes are hollow structures made of nanoparticles, carbon tubes are currently the most popular. They are excellent conductors of heat, extremely durable and inelastic. However, they are sensitive to crushing, but work is underway to modernize the pipes.

Green hydrogen – the energy source of the future?
Green hydrogen – the energy source of the future?

They are used in many modern designs, computers and electronic systems. Quantum wires and dots are used in medicine. On the other hand, fullerenes are closed carbon molecules with a hollow space inside. They are shaped like black and shiny solids. They are used in chemistry and in the creation of lubricants by adding them to polymers.

Application of nanotechnologies in various spheres of life

The above application of nanotechnology is too far for many people, so we do not see the impact of nanostructures on our daily lives. So, let’s mention a few more common applications.

1. Nanosilver definitely deserves attention: ideal for treating wounds, abrasions and skin burns. It works great as a remedy for acne and other skin problems. They are an excellent material for maintaining oral hygiene: toothbrushes coated with them make cleaning even more effective.

2. Nano raw materials are widely used in medicine: they are used to disinfect dentures, prosthetic limbs and surgical instruments, as well as to create sterile dressings that promote wound healing.

Picture: Marek Redesiuk | Dreamstime

3. Nanostructures are also being used to produce bedding, blankets, mattresses and other materials of this type. They make them more sterile and safer, which is important, for example, in hotels or hospitals. These bedding and blankets are also a much better solution for convalescents and allergy sufferers.

4. Nano raw materials are also used in the production of clothing, including protective clothing and sportswear. They prevent sweat bacteria from entering the body and make it easier to remove. Also, shoes can be coated with nanoparticles: they are more comfortable and much healthier, they protect the feet from the harmful effects of bacteria.

Ball lightning is a mysterious phenomenon
Ball lightning is a mysterious phenomenon

5. Nanotechnology also allows us to protect common areas, including swimming pools, saunas, solariums, as well as shared chairs, sun loungers and tables. Their use, for example, in a spa is much safer, especially for our children.

6. Nanotechnology is also used in the food industry, in particular in the production of food packaging. Coating them with nanomaterials makes them much more durable, but they also keep our food better because they kill mold and fungus that can attack food. Nanostructures are also used in the production of packaging and disposable tableware. They cover countertops, tables and cutting boards, as well as knives and other cutlery: this allows for safer food and protects us from harmful bacteria.

7. The woodworking and furniture industries also use nanotechnology: nanoparticles are ideal for covering furniture, tables or school desks and desks: they are safer and more durable. Nanomaterials are also being used to crack housings for household appliances and electronics. This is done to increase their durability and safety of use.

Theory of Relativity – Einstein’s genius
Theory of Relativity – Einstein’s genius

8. Farmers are also familiar with nanotechnology. Its products are used to create products for disinfection (for example, animal hooves, animal hooves or wounds), disinfection of premises and agricultural equipment (including milking machines, milk cans, etc.), products for impregnation and disinfection of clothing. With the addition of nanomaterials, indoor sterilization products are also being created, helping to reduce the risk of epidemics in farm animals.

This is not the last word in nanotechnology

Nanotechnologies are constantly and dynamically developing, constantly appearing more and more innovative solutions with their use. In particular, work is underway to create dentures with the addition of nanomaterials, scratch-resistant glass, modern paints with nanoparticles or dirt-repellent fabrics.