Google Pay – contactless payment method from the legendary company

Google Pay – contactless payment method from the legendary company
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Google Pay is an easy, contactless way to pay for purchases using your smartphone, fitness bracelet or smartwatch.

Payment is made when the selected device approaches the terminal at a distance of no more than 20 centimeters. Internet access is not required to make contactless payments, just install the application.

How does Google Pay work on my phone?

Google Pay is a convenient mobile payment method. To perform financial transactions, the payer only needs to install the application and enter his card details once.

Google Pay mobile payments are available to debit and credit card holders. This service allows using portable equipment on the Android operating system to pay for various purchases at any point equipped with a terminal that accepts contactless and online payments.

NFC is a technology that allows you to pay for purchases with gadgets
NFC is a technology that allows you to pay for purchases with gadgets

Paying by phone is much faster than contactless card payments. No password or PIN is needed to confirm the operation. It is enough to unlock the phone and go to the terminal. After a while, an animation will appear on the screen confirming the payment via Google Pay. The payment will take a few seconds.
You can pay by phone in hypermarkets, shopping centers and local stores. This technology can be used instead of a card when shopping online. Transactions are always processed instantly.

How does Google Pay work on smartwatches?

Payments without a card are possible thanks to smart watches and fitness bracelets. This method is even more convenient than paying by phone. The watch is always on the wrist, so to confirm the payment, it is enough to reach out to the terminal.

For payment you need:

  1. Open the Google Pay app on your watch (usually via a dedicated button).
  2. Place the watch over the contactless payment reader until a characteristic sound or vibration appears. This is a sign that the transaction was successful.
Blockchain – a digital chain of information blocks
Blockchain – a digital chain of information blocks

If prompted on the watch screen, you must manually select the card. Occasionally, you may need to enter a PIN. As a rule, password confirmation is used for large payments. Smartwatches and bracelets can be used to pay for purchases instantly, just like a phone. Features of contactless payments will depend on the equipment model. For example, some bracelets and watches can only work in conjunction with a phone.

Which banks work with Google Pay?

Currently, contactless payments can be used by bank customers who are connected to the Google Pay system. Detailed and up-to-date information about the service, including a list of partners, can be found at

Google Pay
Picture: Mikhail Primakov | Dreamstime

Google Pay app can be connected:

  • To debit and credit cards.
  • To loyalty cards and gift cards.

You can also use Google Pay on desktop devices using Chrome. In the browser, you need to save the payment card details so as not to re-enter them during subsequent online purchases.

How many cards can I add to Google Pay?

The application does not limit the number of payment cards that can be added. However, they must be issued by contactless payment partner banks. By default, you should set the card that is used most often. You can change your Google Pay settings at any time. To do this, you need to enter the application, and then select a new card.

Big Data – everything is already permeated with this
Big Data – everything is already permeated with this

To delete a map, you must:

  1. Start the application.
  2. Click the “Menu” icon in the left corner.
  3. Go to the Payment Methods section.
  4. Select the card to be deleted.
  5. Click the “More” icon in the right corner.
  6. Select the “Remove payment method” option.

The app is extremely easy to set up. Maps are allowed to be added repeatedly, so in case of accidental deletion there will be no problems. The payment method can be returned at any time.

How do I pay with Google Pay?

To make contactless payments, you first need to download the app on your device. The installation file is easiest to download from the Google Play store. Then Google Pay will have to be set up by manually entering all the necessary information or by scanning a plastic card.

To add a card to Google Pay, follow these steps:

  1. Install and open the application.
  2. Click on the “Maps” tab and then on the “+” symbol.
  3. Enter card details and personal data.
  4. Enter mobile phone number.
  5. Log in using the SMS received from the bank.

You can register for Google Pay through the bank application. To do this, you need to log into your account. The bank will offer to follow the link to add the card to Google Pay. The client will only have to enter personal and contact information.

Darknet – on the dark side of the Internet
Darknet – on the dark side of the Internet

With Google Pay, you can pay for purchases in partner network stores. Typically, such outlets announce the support for contactless payment. To do this, they place stickers with the symbols “G Pay” on the front doors or near the cash desks. An up-to-date list of stores that accept payments through this system is also available on the Internet.

What phones and watches can I pay for?

Google does not provide a list of supported devices. To use your phone or smartwatch to pay, you must make sure that the equipment is equipped with an NFC (Near Field Communication) module. Without this technology, contactless payments are not available.

Google Pay
Picture: Gary Hider | Dreamstime

Google Pay can be used by:

  • Owners of smartphones with Android version 4.4 and higher equipped with NFC technology for transmitting information at a distance of up to about 20 cm.
  • Owners of Wear (formerly Android Wear) smartwatches with NFC technology.

Most modern Android smartphones meet the technical requirements. On some devices, Google Pay is preinstalled by the manufacturer. However, in order to avoid failures, you should check whether the equipment receives updates.

Is it free?

Contactless payments using mobile devices do not involve additional costs. The Google Pay app is completely free to use.

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How to make money fast? Try these options …

Card issuers will only charge fees that are normally charged for making cashless transactions. Fees depend on the internal policy of each bank. In other words, contactless payments do not exempt from contract fees, but they do not lead to additional costs. The costs will be the same as when paying by card.

Is it safe?

The issue of security is important when using Google Pay. What if the equipment falls into the wrong hands? Is there anything to be afraid of?

Tokenization reduces the risks associated with making contactless payments. The card number is replaced by a sequence of numbers, i.e. a unique payment token. When you add a card, Google Pay sends a request to the issuer. The bank generates a unique token, and the application encrypts the card data.

When the owner brings the mobile device to the terminal, Google Pay transmits the data of the tokenized card and the cryptogram. It works like a one time password. The cryptogram is verified by the payment system. The actual card number is determined based on the token. After successful verification, the authorization center and the issuer complete the transaction.

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Additional earnings – how, on what and where to find it

Screen lock is the second level of protection. Installing Google Pay on your smartphone requires a PIN, pattern, password, fingerprint, or face scan. In the case of smart watches, a graphic key or PIN code is required.

Even if the device falls into the hands of intruders, there will be problems with unlocking. The cardholder will have enough time to block. Thus, Google Pay is an absolutely safe technology, protected from data leakage.

Google Pay
Picture: Seemanta Dutta | Dreamstime

Google Pay does not process transactions, but is only a tool that tokenizes cards and transmits their data in a completely secure form, along with other information about the client. This makes transactions faster and, above all, safer.

The application can be disabled at any time. To do this, you need to go to the settings. In the “Apps and notifications” section, select the “Google Pay” line and click “Disable”.

Should I use Google Pay?

Thanks to Google Pay, you can quickly pay for purchases without carrying a payment card with you. It is impossible to pay with a phone or watch without unlocking, so the service is completely safe. The application allows you to turn your mobile device into a digital wallet where you can store any number of cards.

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How to make money online for beginners without investment

Google Pay has a history of payments made. You can not only watch it, but also download it. Managing transaction notifications on a mobile device is suitable for those who like to control their spending.

Contactless form of payment simplifies financial transactions. In addition to payment cards, the Google Pay app supports gift and discount cards. In addition, it can be used to make transfers between accounts if there are funds on the balance.