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Posting articles on Promdevelop is an ideal choice for a wide range of authors working in the following areas: business, industry, science and high tech, IT, machinery, equipment, materials, services, labor market and recruiting, society and everything related to the business world!

For journalists

Posting articles is a way to build an author’s portfolio of articles and earn a reputation as a professional writer of high-quality texts that will be read by thousands of site visitors and subscribers.

For businessmen

Publishing articles is free native advertising for your business that is several times more effective than traditional advertising methods.

For specialists in various fields (scientists, financiers, lawyers, marketers, politicians, etc.)

The publication of articles provides an opportunity to share your developments, discoveries, ideas with a large target audience. Scientific works are translated into the RSCI database, which affects the author’s citation index. To do this, you only need to send an article to the address, and the recognition of a wide range of readers will not take long.

For webmasters and website owners

Publishing articles on Promdevelop means attracting an additional inexhaustible flow of interested visitors to your sites.

For all authors

All authors can create a personal page or a company page, where it is possible to indicate information about themselves, the company, services, products and establish feedback with potential customers and partners, receive orders for writing new articles, monitor the statistics of views of all their posts on the site.

Unlike Internet diaries, blogs, microblogs, Promdevelop publishes entire articles placed in the relevant categories, which simplifies their search.

All articles are broadcast to social networks, participate in the internal search of the site and relinking, text titles in the form of hyperlinks automatically go to the pages of other thematic articles. Why else publish articles?

Conditions for publishing articles

To publish an article, send the finished material to e-mail

Before sending an application for the publication of materials, you must read the terms of the User Agreement.

Requirements for articles: uniqueness, plagiarism is unacceptable! Compliance with the theme of the site. Article size from 2000 characters without spaces. Details: Requirements for posting articles.

Orders for writing articles are accepted

How to order the writing of an article according to your requirements with the help of professional journalists – write to

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