Superfood – food that should be in the diet

Superfood – food that should be in the diet
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Victoria Mamaeva
Pharmaceutical Specialist

Superfoods can act as an effective prophylactic against many dangerous diseases. Many of them have an anti-inflammatory effect, strengthen the cardiovascular system, activate the brain, normalize metabolism, promote rejuvenation of the body, and more.

Nutritionists advise eating them as a healthy supplement, including in the daily diet. But you should introduce unfamiliar products carefully, taking into account the reaction of the body.


The amazing properties of aquatic plants have been known since antiquity. They have a rich composition of vitamins and minerals, effectively cleanse the body of toxins and toxins, and normalize hormonal balance. They are used both fresh and dry.

  • Kelp kelp. The algae gained special recognition due to its ability to reduce excess weight without compromising health. The bioproduct has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the thyroid gland, helps to get rid of edema. It is useful to use during pregnancy. Superfood has a salty flavor and is most commonly available in powder form, making it suitable for use as a condiment in a variety of dishes.
  • Spirulina. This well-known algae has the strongest cleansing effect. It removes harmful substances from the body. The product normalizes proper digestion, increases defenses, improves kidney and liver function. In addition, the bioproduct has a high protein content, surpassing even meat in this indicator.
  • Fucus. Superfood contains many valuable elements, has the ability to cleanse the body. The bioproduct also has anti-inflammatory properties, helps to reduce sugar levels. One of the main purposes of fucus is to compensate for the lack of iodine.
  • Laminaria. Another name is seaweed. The product is known as a natural remedy for normalizing metabolic processes, improving digestion, and fighting overweight. Seaweed has been proven to help relieve stress.
  • Chlorella. It helps to increase the body’s defenses, normalize digestion, improve skin and hair. Can replace meat due to the high amount of protein.


Fruits-superfoods also have a lot of useful qualities. They are able to improve health and prevent many disorders in the body, make up for the lack of vitamins and other important substances. These products are also sold in powder form, which can be added to a variety of dishes.

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Goji Berries help:

  • support heart health;
  • normalize pressure;
  • to improve digestion;
  • restore hormonal levels;
  • activate the brain.
Coenzyme Q10 – activator of cellular energy
Coenzyme Q10 – activator of cellular energy

Noni berries are no less useful. Their use will allow:

  • increase immunity;
  • to make up for the lack of elements necessary for the body;
  • improve digestion and normalize weight;
  • minimize the risk of cancer;
  • normalize blood pressure.

Açai berries native to Brazil. They are capable of:

  • improve the functioning of the digestive system;
  • increase activity and efficiency.
Energy drink – charge your battery
Energy drink – charge your battery

Rare berries can, if necessary, be replaced by more common and affordable ones. No less useful and rich in composition are the well-known:

  • rosehip,
  • sea buckthorn,
  • cranberry,
  • chokeberry.

Seeds and nuts

Seeds of some plants and nuts are also medicinal products of plant origin.

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  • Chia seeds will help increase immunity, improve the condition of blood vessels and the heart, cleanse the body of toxins, and normalize digestion. They are known to reduce appetite, which contributes to weight loss.
  • Peruvian ginseng normalizes hormonal balance, improves mood, has a rejuvenating effect.
  • Sesame has a very rich composition of useful elements. Seeds strengthen bone tissue, improve the functioning of many organs, and normalize digestion.
  • Cashew, almonds and other types of nuts are nutritious and healthy. They act on the body in a complex, filling it with the necessary substances. Their regular use will help reduce the risk of developing many dangerous diseases.


Mushrooms are worthy representatives of superfoods. However, it is not recommended to use them during pregnancy and lactation.

  • Reishi – Excellent taste, high antioxidant content, anti-stress properties have endowed this product with the status of a valuable superfood.
  • Shiitake – Mushrooms contain ergosterol, necessary for the synthesis of vitamin D. The bioproduct is useful for diseases such as diabetes, stomach ulcers, gout. It strengthens the heart and improves immunity, and also lowers cholesterol.

Other superfoods

You can and should also highlight other most useful products that do not belong to the above types.

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  • Ginger is a well-known immunomodulator that helps fight infections. It is also effective in normalizing weight and cleansing the body.
  • Coconut oil improves vascular function, accelerates tissue regeneration, and increases the body’s defenses.
  • Cocoa Butter is a famous but no less valuable superfood. It is very good for the heart and immunity.
  • Wheatgrass is a source of irreplaceable substances that promote rejuvenation and healing of the body.
  • Manuka honey has a pronounced antibacterial effect. But it contains a lot of sugar.

How to use superfoods correctly

Superfoods should be consumed as a supplement to the main diet, in limited quantities. Only in this case they will be useful. Overindulgence in these foods can backfire, causing allergic reactions, digestive problems, imbalances of substances in the body, and other disorders.

Coconut milk – tropical superfood
Coconut milk – tropical superfood

Many superfoods are convenient to use as a condiment or garnish for a main dish. So, seeds are added to pastries, liquid oils to salads, berries to smoothies or yogurts, cocoa to ice cream, confectionery and many other dishes.

It should be remembered that the improvement of the body requires an integrated approach. This is a balanced diet, sports, outdoor walks and a good mood!

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