Meditation – find harmony with yourself

Meditation – find harmony with yourself
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Victoria Mamaeva
Pharmaceutical Specialist

The word “peace” or “calmness” is presented by many as relaxation. That feeling when there is finally silence inside after a long noise.

Sooner or later, everyone comes to the point where everything falls into place. People call this state in their own way: harmony, beauty, peace, peace, etc. Although, in fact, everything is the same.

The meaning of meditation is to achieve harmony with yourself, to get rid of stress and calm the mind. The practice of inner calmness gradually changes a person’s actions from “reacting” to “equanimous control”.

Many people understand sleep as rest. However, often sleep is only the rest of the physical body, but not the mind and soul. In a dream, a person tosses and turns, twitches, the brain actively projects the experienced worries and fears that stubbornly populate in the head. To achieve proper rest means to achieve balance of body, mind and spirit.

Finding peace is much easier than most people think. This is a natural property of human nature. It is important to learn to rest in your heart.

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Meditation is the science of passage into the inner world, it helps to find in oneself that wisdom and knowledge, the existence of which a person did not even imagine. This is what is inherent in people by nature, which is most often called intuition. The answers to all questions can be found in yourself, it is worth learning to listen to the inner voice.

Thanks to meditation, a person can discover a huge power in himself, awaken an incredible intuition of what is inside. Performing actions that seemed impossible or impossible will become much easier and easier.

A few meditation practices

These practices are very simple to perform, effective and, most importantly, perfectly suited to the modern hectic rhythm of life.

Yoga – an activity for the soul and body
Yoga – an activity for the soul and body

Mere understanding of the described will not bring results. It is important to practice these techniques in order to enjoy the fruits of the work done. And that’s easier said than done.

Alone with silence

This is the easiest way to experience peace of mind. Revel in solitude and bliss in silence. Silence is the cover of God.

Take time to relax in the bathroom and escape from the hectic world. Walk in the forest, park, in the mountains. There are many ways to be at peace with yourself. In the center of silence there is a point of stillness.

Focus on one thing or thought

Switching from one thought to another, the mind is in turmoil. While focusing on a single subject provides him with peace.

It’s like playing golf. One person, one ball. Golfers play, enjoying what their mind experiences during the game until the ball is in the hole.

Playing squash, swimming, board games with a maximum of two players can also be included in the list. The same sensations can be experienced while taking a hot bath, behind closed doors, disconnected from the outside world.

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In any of the above methods, the main thing is to focus on getting rid of everything and turning off thoughts. Pleasure is not delivered by hot water, but by liberation from worries and fuss. It is hardly possible to achieve a feeling of comfort if there is a bursting phone and an endless stream of messages nearby.

View of open space

To go beyond the four walls, to feel the sunlight or to feel the coolness of the fog – this means touching the world. The aroma of flowers in summer or the blinding whiteness of snow, a person needs to somehow come into contact with nature.

And at the moment when a person feels a spreading warmth within himself, his inner world expands and the whole Universe appears as a Divine creation.

Affirmations – set yourself up in the affirmative
Affirmations – set yourself up in the affirmative

Contemplation of open spaces brings clarity to the mind and calms a restless heart. This is natural meditation.

Breathing exercises

Most people don’t understand the seriousness of breathing exercises. But it is the most important function of the body. A busy schedule of daily routine does not allow you to pay enough attention to breathing. There are many types of breathing exercises.

One of them will take 5 minutes and looks like this:

Sit with your back straight, in a chair or on the floor. Inhale, thereby allowing the air to descend to the lower abdomen, and concentrate your attention on the point that is located between the pubic bone and the navel.

Humor is the vitamin of longevity
Humor is the vitamin of longevity

After exhaling, quickly inhale and exhale through the nose 12 times, breathing should be in the lower abdomen, but not in the chest. Shoulders and legs remain motionless, only the stomach works. Inhale-exhale, inhale-exhale. By the way, belly breathing relieves negative energy.

The number of inhalations and exhalations can be customized, depending on physical fitness. Over time, increasing the number of approaches.

All life is meditation

The state of inner peace is familiar to everyone, even those who have never meditated for the purpose of calming down. Because life is a meditative process. Anyone can experience a feeling of absolute calmness or boundless power.

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This can be driven by a strong shock, like fear of death, or a sudden insight in the midst of insane chaos. The same can be felt at the moment of a fit of rage. The mind suddenly becomes unusually calm, because in the middle of these strong emotions lies the incredible power of the universe.

But it is more reliable to seek peace using simple and proven methods: prayers and meditations. Don’t go into a trance by chance.


Possessing himself and learning to find peace in himself, a person is able to bring order to his life.

The ability to address the Universe gives a chance to gain wisdom. And by bringing happiness and peace to your world, a person gives the world around him the opportunity to become better.

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