How to get rid of hiccups – 22 interesting ways

How to get rid of hiccups – 22 interesting ways
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Victoria Mamaeva
Pharmaceutical Specialist

Hiccups – contractions of the diaphragm. May occur without cause in healthy individuals, usually resolves quickly.

Causes of hiccups

  • Overfilling the stomach directly with food. Overeating, hasty food, dry food, food on the go.
  • General hypothermia, especially in young children and when intoxicated.
  • Irritation of the diaphragmatic nerve ending, transmitted to the muscles of the diaphragm.
  • Severe emotional shock.
  • Sparkling water can easily trigger hiccups.
  • Alcohol abuse.
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Hiccups are sometimes a symptom of diseases of the spinal cord, brain, inflammatory changes in the abdominal cavity, infectious diseases, diabetes, mental agitation, myocardial infarction, kidney failure, a tumor or abscess in the chest, as a side effect of drugs.

Picture: Nicoleta Ionescu | Dreamstime

In some cases, the psychological nature of hiccups associated with a sense of fear, or a reaction to painkillers in the postoperative period, is detected.

Ways to get rid of hiccups

  1. A well-known method using water. It is recommended to drink a glass of water slowly in small sips. It washes away food particles, eliminating nerve irritation. For greater effect, the body should be tilted forward. Sometimes they suggest rotating the glass.
  2. Swallow something bitter or sour (lemon).
  3. Sprinkle some sugar on the center of the tongue and then swallow it.
  4. Hold the tongue with your hand for a few seconds, slightly pulling forward.
  5. Put your finger in your mouth, as if inducing vomiting, but don’t bring it up.
  6. Release the zone of the belt (unfasten the belt), hold your breath on a deep breath for as long as you have enough strength, repeat several times until the attack stops. Method variant: exhale into a paper bag and inhale again from it. This will allow carbon dioxide to fill the blood.
  7. Influence on reflex points: press over the collarbone or on the eyeballs.
  8. Swallow a piece of ice. You can drink cold water.
  9. Sit down, forcefully squeeze your stomach in the diaphragm area with your hands.
  10. Plug your index fingers in your ears, twist them a little.
  11. Lie on the floor with your head up and slowly drink water.
  12. Bite, swallow sugar pre-soaked in vinegar.
  13. Close your hands behind your back while sitting on a chair, raise your head up, drink water.
  14. Induce a sneeze (smell the pepper).
  15. Put a mustard plaster between the ribs.
  16. Swallow a hard crust of bread, inhale deeply, hold your breath.
  17. Push up or pump the press until the attack stops completely.
  18. Stand on your hands or lie down so that your head is below the diaphragm.
  19. Chamomile tea. The substances contained in it have the properties of muscle relaxants.
  20. Auto-training to manage your emotions in case of a psychological nature.
  21. Try to calm down, in a calm state, relaxation affects other muscles.
  22. In children, bandaging the head at the level of the bridge of the nose with a red ribbon or thread is used. This distracts attention, and the baby stops hiccuping.

Fun Methods

  • Tickling: in the process, laughter is delayed, and, accordingly, breathing.
  • Betting on money. Put money on the table. A bet is made with a hiccup: he will stop hiccuping in a minute. Effective method.
  • Sudden fright method. Do not overdo it, otherwise the hiccuping person may become a stutterer.

Indications for visiting a doctor

  • longer than an hour
  • frequent seizures
  • presence of additional symptoms: heartburn, chest pain, difficulty swallowing

In such a situation, the doctor will first prescribe an x-ray to identify an obstruction in the esophagus. Depending on the cause of the disorder, medications may be prescribed to treat hiccups.

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