Energy drink – charge your battery

Energy drink – charge your battery
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Victoria Mamaeva
Pharmaceutical Specialist

Energy drink is a favorite drink of modern students and people whose rhythm of life does not provide for a good night’s rest.

The principle of action of energy drink is based on the stimulation of human physical activity, which helps to relieve fatigue, restore strength and energy, as well as increase concentration.

All this is certainly good, but not without pitfalls. So much information has been collected around the so-called energy drinks that it’s really worthwhile then to figure out what exactly their excessive use is fraught with.

All energy drinks can be divided into two fractions:

  1. With a high content of caffeine. Which, just use students or workaholics.
  2. With a high content of vitamins, carbohydrates. Such drinks are relatively healthier, suitable for athletes to gain strength before a hard workout.

Now we should turn to the history of the product in question.

A bit of history

Even in ancient times, people prepared tinctures based on herbs, guarana and ginseng, which helped to cheer up. These herbs formed the basis of the first energy drink, which also included an increased dose of caffeine.

energy drink
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The exact date of origin of such drinks is unknown and varies from country to country. Moreover, the spread is quite significant – about seven centuries, starting with the twelfth.

The most popular drink at one time was Japanese, since the first did not give complications and did not cause poisoning. To this day, there are all new brands. Energy drinks are rapidly making their way into our lives.

Composition of modern energy cocktails

All energy drinks are approximately the same in their content. They usually include the following components:

  • Caffeine. Its action is based on the stimulation of brain activity.
  • Taurine. Stimulates the work of the heart, causes some kind of nervous excitement.
  • Carnitine. It activates the metabolism, as a result of which the appetite increases.
  • B vitamins. Helps to maintain the normal functioning of the nervous system.
  • Melatonin. Responsible for sleep and blood pressure regulation.
  • Matein. Helps the liver.

Various manufacturers can add their own zest to the composition of the considered invigorating cocktails.


There are no absolutely negative products, so you should pay attention to the advantages of such drinks. The first step is to find out if the product contains vitamins or other beneficial substances. So, the content of vitamins plays a huge role.

Obesity is more than just being overweight
Obesity is more than just being overweight

Glucose content. It provides nutrition and restoration of muscle tissues, providing energy to them and the brain.

If we are not talking about health benefits, but about benefits in everyday life, it is worth noting the convenient packaging that you can take with you. What can’t you do with a cup of coffee? By the way, the caffeine content in one drink is equivalent to the effect of 4-5 mugs of freshly brewed coffee. And the drink lasts twice as long as coffee. About four hours.


And now about the most important. To begin with, it should be noted that everything is good in moderation, so you should not use more than two jars a day.

energy drink
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Overdose symptoms:

  • increased irritability, nervousness;
  • rapid breathing, heartbeat;
  • trembling, cramps of the limbs.
Calories – fuel for the body
Calories – fuel for the body

You need to be more attentive to your body, in case of any undesirable changes that persist for several hours, inform the specialists, otherwise the harm will be colossal.

And now about the harm specifically:

  • Strong diuretic effect, which stimulates the leaching of nutrients.
  • Addiction to caffeine, which can negatively affect the functioning of the heart.
  • Fatigue, insomnia, apathy.
  • Withdrawal symptoms, namely: headache, constant muscle tension, persistent insomnia.
  • Arterial hypertension.
  • Arrhythmia.
  • Tachycardia.
  • Reduced potency in men.

As you can see, there are many more cons, and they are truly frightening. Therefore, it is recommended to think several times before using the energy drink.

Contraindications for the use of synthetic energy drinks

The fact that energy sources bring little benefit is already quite clear.

Coconut milk – tropical superfood
Coconut milk – tropical superfood

Who exactly should never touch a can of an energy cocktail is the following people:

  • to persons under the age of majority;
  • those who suffer from pressure drops;
  • people with diabetes;
  • excitable and insomniacs;
  • pregnant and lactating women.

Based on the foregoing, I would like to note that nothing critically bad will happen from a jar of an energy drink you drink. However, doctors do not recommend using energy drinks on a regular basis.

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