Coconut milk – tropical superfood

Coconut milk – tropical superfood
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Victoria Mamaeva
Pharmaceutical Specialist

Coconut milk is a coconut product that is becoming more and more popular. Coconut milk is most commonly found in Asian and Indian dishes, making it seem very oriental.

It is well suited for ordinary cuisine, and most importantly, it will perfectly support the body, prevent many diseases and support traditional treatment. It is worth knowing how to make your own coconut milk because it is the source of the most valuable ingredients. An easy recipe for your own coconut milk can be found in this article.

Coconut milk – how is it different from coconut water?

Coconut milk is not the liquid found in a ripe coconut, nor is it the liquid found in an unripe coconut. In an unripe coconut you will find coconut water, which is used for refreshing drinks, it is made coco de nata, i.e. natural gummies, which are a delicacy from Thailand.

Ripe coconut liquid is more like coconut milk because it is the liquid that comes into contact with the flesh of the nut. Coconut milk itself unfortunately has to be produced because it is not created naturally. To do this, you will need clean filtered water and plenty of preferably fresh coconut meat. You can also use shredded coconut, but fresh flesh works much better because it has more active ingredients.

Be careful. Remember that coconut is still a nut and can be very allergenic, so test your child for allergies before giving coconut milk.

When should you use coconut milk?

Coconut milk is an ideal healthy addition to many dishes and prevents many diseases.

Coconut milk
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Even though it contains a lot of calories, because the best coconut milk is very rich in fat, it is extremely healthy. The fat in coconut is made up of short chains and is therefore very different from animal fats or even traditional vegetable fats.

It is an ideal replacement for unhealthy cholesterol-rich fats. In addition, coconut milk protects the digestive system and helps regulate the functioning of the stomach and intestines, which is why it is recommended for people suffering from diseases of the digestive system.

For diseases of the stomach and digestive system

Coconut milk is one of the remedies recommended for relieving chronic stomach ailments. Scientists have calculated that coconut milk, if consumed regularly 30 minutes before a meal, can halve the risk of stomach ulcers. This is a remarkable result for a product of natural origin.

Ginkgo Biloba is a humble herb with a rich potency
Ginkgo Biloba is a humble herb with a rich potency

Coconut milk contains substances that protect the walls of the stomach, esophagus, and, to a lesser extent, the intestines. Due to this, regular use can become an effective not only therapeutic, but also preventive therapy in case of frequent recurrences of stomach diseases. Similarly, with acid reflux, regular consumption of coconut milk can relieve the symptoms of heartburn, ulceration, and irritation.

For cardiovascular diseases and atherosclerosis

Coconut milk, although rich in fat, is much healthier than any animal fat. Unlike animal-derived cholesterol, the cholesterol in coconut milk is the so-called good cholesterol. Coconut and coconut milk contain only small amounts of bad cholesterol.

A large amount of good cholesterol helps to restore blood vessels and remove bad cholesterol deposits from them, therefore it is recommended for people suffering from atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease. It is also recommended for people with weak veins to improve their condition.

For obesity and overweight problems

Short chain fatty acids are among the most desirable in the diet because they do not accumulate as adipose tissue. Long chain acids are found, for example, in meat products. Their length affects the complexity of digestion and, therefore, the extraction of valuable energy from them.

Coconut milk
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Instead, they stock up for the so-called rainy day. In turn, coconut fats are fats that are easily broken down by the liver and serve as a valuable source of energy. Moreover, such fats stimulate the body to a faster metabolism and, therefore, are more willing to burn already accumulated fats, which can significantly speed up the process of losing weight.

As a cosmetic

Coconut milk has antiseptic properties, i.e. fights bacterial accumulations, which is extremely important in the fight against acne. However, for the effectiveness of coconut milk treatment, it is important that it is applied topically.

Acupuncture is a key component of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Acupuncture is a key component of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Diluted coconut milk or coconut water can be safely used as a traditional facial toner, and washing your face twice a day will help reduce bacteria within the first week of use. However, if you suffer from a very severe form of acne, it is worth seeking the help of a dermatologist because coconut milk may not always help.

To make homemade cosmetics, you can use not only coconut milk, but also water and coconut oil for hair and skin.

How to make coconut milk at home?

You really don’t need much to make your own coconut milk. If you want ultra-concentrated milk, just put a fresh coconut with a little water in your fruit juicer and you will get the desired product.

However, a much better recipe offers a slightly slower process, but also allows you to make all-natural and relatively low-calorie coconut milk. All you need is fresh coconut.

  1. First, remove the pulp from the coconut and clean it of the remains of the brown shell.
  2. Then grate the pulp.
  3. Pour 500 ml of mineral water into the grated cake, mix or grind until smooth.
  4. Pass all this through a fine sieve, pour the milk into the pan, and pour the resulting slurry with half a liter of hot water and mix again. Repeat drain.
  5. Pour the resulting milk into a closed container and store in the refrigerator for up to 3 days.

Chemistry in coconut milk from the store

You can find many chemical additives in store bought coconut milk. The best coconut milk is, oddly enough, canned, with more coconut and fewer unnecessary ingredients. Most often, milk can be found guar gum, starch or carrageenan.

Yoga – an activity for the soul and body
Yoga – an activity for the soul and body

Most importantly, the jar you buy milk from should not contain a substance called bisphenol A. It is found in the jar itself, not in milk, and is highly carcinogenic, so foods stored in it can also absorb this substance and cause unwanted mutations. , i.e. crayfish!

Therefore, it is better to make your own coconut milk. It is the exact knowledge of the ingredients that it contains. By preparing it from fresh coconut, you can be sure that it is healthy. Although its shelf life is shorter, it is still much more useful.

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