Melania Trump – smart and beautiful wife of the 45th President of the United States

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Melania Trump – smart and beautiful wife of the 45th President of the United States
Melania Trump. Picture: Maciej Gillert | Dreamstime
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Melania Trump is today one of the most popular women on planet Earth.

She is regularly followed by hundreds of paparazzi, thousands of serious fashion and political publications, millions of ordinary women who want to understand how this beauty could hook a man like Donald Trump and become his faithful wife for many years. Each outfit of this woman is viewed under the microscope of glossy publications around the world, and the query “how old is Melania Trump” occupies a leading position among the audience from the beautiful half of humanity. And this is not surprising – she looks so good that many sincerely do not understand how this is possible at such a middle age.

Melania Trump was born (her last name before marriage was Knavs) in 1970 on April 26th. The hometown of the beauty: Novo Mesto in Slovenia, at that time still the former Yugoslavia. The girl was born in a simple family, her father was engaged in the sale of used cars, and her mother worked as a seamstress at a local factory. The family’s housing also did not differ in any advantages – the most ordinary apartment in a multi-storey panel building.

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America’s first lady was lanky as a teenager and admits to being embarrassed about her appearance. But already at the age of 16, nature took its toll, and she literally blossomed, turning into a real beauty. Melania was disciplined, studied well and showed great promise at school.

The beginning of a career and the life of a fashion model

Melania Trump, whose biography and personal life excites millions, studied diligently and entered the University of Ljubljana to become an architect and designer. But fate played a role here – within the walls of the institution, the girl met with a little-known photographer at that time named Stane Yerko, who was just looking for a model for filming. He persuaded her to shoot in his works, as he immediately saw the beauty of the girl and her outstanding data.

Melania Trump
Picture: Hutchinsphoto | Dreamstime

After her first year at university, Melania Trump decided to change her last name somewhat: from Knavs, she turned into Knaus. This more euphonious name seemed promising to her. At the same time, she decided to plunge headlong into the life of a fashion model – she packed her things and went to Milan, where she participated in fashion shows, starred for popular magazines.

Melania Trump decided to succeed at all costs, so after the first money she earned, she decided on an artificial breast augmentation. This opened up additional prospects for her – the opportunity to appear in publications for men like “GQ”, “Max” and the like.

Model Career Development

Melania Trump, whose biography contains many interesting twists, quickly gained fame not only throughout Europe, but also beyond its borders. Like all promising young people, she dreamed of moving to America, which she did in 1996, going straight to the center of world culture, business and money – New York. Here she had the same job – a model, the face of the cover of popular publications.

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One of the magazines where Melania Trump began to appear regularly was Allure, a recent publication that emerged in 1991. It was here that the first acquaintance of the Slovenian model and the famous New York millionaire Donald Trump took place. After they met, a romance began between them, which was publicized through the fault of both parties. Trump confessed in connection with the girl in various programs and shows, and she, in turn, called him the main love of her life.

Melania Trump today recalls with interest the events of those times, calling them decisive in her fate. Acquaintance with such a rich man at first did not affect her doing her job – the model continued to actively appear in publications around the world, including such popular glosses as Vogue, New York Magazine, Glamour, and others.

Marriage to Donald and the beginning of married life

Melania Trump, nee Knaus, got engaged to an American millionaire in 2004. Before that, about 5 years of their constant relationship had passed and the woman felt: either now she will become his official wife, or it’s just not serious and you need to move on and build your personal life with another. Donald understood the hint and did not want to lose such a woman who, in addition to beauty, knew 5 foreign languages ​​and was an excellent companion at any social events.

Melania Trump
Picture: Gints Ivuskans | Dreamstime

Trump and Melania, whose age difference is as much as 24 years, played a luxurious wedding in Palm Beach in 2005 at the Episcopal Church. The ceremony took place on January 22 and was attended by a host of guests, including many iconic celebrities and influencers. It’s been 14 years since then, but the couple looks so good and feels like a single whole that they don’t even think about breaking up.

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Melania Trump was a good wife and did not give rise to scandals and disagreements. The paparazzi resolutely tried to denigrate the marriage and the happiness of the couple, putting forward one version worse than the other. It got to the point that some publications stated that a woman, in her youth, worked in the field of escort services. But the prosecution cooled the ardor of all ill-wishers. Married to Donald, she had a son, Barron, who is also very much loved by the public and journalists today.

Melania Trump as First Lady of the United States of America

In 2017, Donald successfully won the election in the presidential race in the United States and became the president of this country. Naturally, such an event could not but affect his wife – Melania Trump officially became the first lady of the United States. Although this provision is not regulated in any way in the legal plane, it has a certain role, both from a representative and from a managerial point of view. That is why Melania Trump and news about her are often associated today with political events, various forums, foundations, etc.

Melania Trump
Picture: Maciej Gillert | Dreamstime

Since the beginning of life as the wife of the president, there have been scandals. After analyzing the first lady’s speech at the Republican Party convention, many have come to the conclusion that it is almost no different from the same speech of Obama’s wife, which she delivered 5 years earlier.

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For example, she ordered to cut down some trees she did not like on the territory of the White House, rearrange furniture, and in some places even repair.

Many even today are interested in Melania Trump as a model: what is her height, weight, age? The first lady does not want to give up her condition in this regard and carefully monitors her appearance and data: the model is 180 cm tall and weighs around 64 kg!

Interesting facts about Melania

  • During her modeling career, Melania Trump has appeared on the cover of almost every fashion magazine read by the whole world. These are Elle, Vogue, Ocean Drive, Self, Glamor and many other publications.
  • A woman considers her husband’s main bad habit to be his excessive passion for Twitter and writing explicit posts there.
  • Melania Trump made attempts to become an actress in films, but soon left this business. Her first appearance on the screen took place in the film “Model Male”, by the way, Donald was also there, but they did not even want to mention her name in the credits for the movie.
  • The woman did not want to be the first lady, but today she is doing an excellent job with her new duties.
  • Here is such an interesting personality and a unique destiny that any woman in the world can only dream of!